One of the many faces of MS.
Multiple Sclerosis awareness week 12th-18th September. Support your local MS community today.
Image: picture of Bronwyn

MS Otago Mission’s mission is to empower people and their whānau living with MSRC to participate actively in their community in ways that are meaningful to them.

Read on for information about services, programmes and events for people with MS in Otago.
People with other neurological illnesses such as Arachnoditis will also find it useful.

Our Community Connector can provide assistance including:

Discussing what a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis means for you, your family & the future

Up-to-date information about Multiple Sclerosis and management of the condition

Advocacy & liaising with other service providers, such as WINZ and home care agencies

Counselling and support

Referral to other agencies and allied health professionals

Supporting partners, carers, families, friends, employers and work colleagues

Facilitating support groups and networks

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