How MS Otago’s community connector can help you.

MS Otago is a free social service for people with multiple sclerosis and related conditions as well as whānau and support networks.

We support people affected by MS at every stage of their journey with MS. .

Our community connector provides support, information, advocacy, and education across Otago.

This happens through:


Our community connector provides social services support for anything impacting on a person’s MS, or areas of their life that are being affected by MS, through:

  • In person visits
  • Group meetings
  • Online (Zoom, phone calls, emails, texts)
  • Total mobility assessments.


  • On living well with MS
  • On symptom management
  • On relevant local social services including referrals
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Fortnightly podcast


Our community connector is available to come with you to appointments to help you advocate for yourself. These can include, GP visits, neurology visits, WINZ, workplace meetings, needs assessments, or any other appointments where you feel you need an advocate.


We run education sessions for small and large groups.

These can be informal or formal and are tailored for different ages and abilities.

We can also run sessions for families, friends, workplaces, residential care facilities, schools and any other groups of people who have an interest in MS.

For medical services please contact your G.P. or neurologist