‘BANGERS TO BLUFF” EVENT – Friday afternoon, 20 April, at Mitre10 Mega Carpark

The OMSS will be hosting the Halfmoon Bay Rotary Club who have mastheaded the Multiple Sclerosis Societies within New Zealand and the Hope Foundation as it’s two main charities to support this year with their famous “Bangers to Bluff” car rally which leaves Auckland on the 10th of April, visiting MS Regions on the way with the societies hosting events.  The OMSS will host a Barbeque and Stall with an area roped off (by the trailer bay at Mitre10 Mega on Friday afternoon, 20 April 2018) with 15 old cars and their travellers arriving around 2.30pm on that day.
Please come and buy a sausage to show our support!   These cars will be auctioned off in Invercargill later in the week, with proceeds being shared between the Charities!  Good on you, Halfmoon Bay Rotary!