Expressing Love – Book of Poems by Janet Carrington

This beautiful book of poems is the third from author Janet Carrington. This book would make a lovely gift or table top talking piece. Janet donates $5.00 from each purchase to the Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society. To order your book now please phone Tania (03) 4555 894 ext 2 or email

Dr Janet Carrington lives in Dunedin. She lectured in biochemistry at the University of Otago for nearly 25 years before retiring for health reasons. Janet is married to Emeritus Prof Gerry Carrington; they have three children and four grandchildren.  The following is an example of Janet’s poems:

Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents
fought for freedom
fought to give us
the right to choose
the right to
do the things we want
lounge around
while we think
about making things perfect
for our children, grandchildren and great grand children

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