Do you have the skills to help MS Otago navigate our future?

MS Otago is run by a committee of volunteers. The Committee has the responsibility of the governance of MS Otago and we need a range of skills to help us navigate our future. We are encouraging capable people who care about great lives for people with MS to join us!

The Committee has the job of looking ahead, anticipating what’s going to affect the organisation, helping it avoid obstacles and ensuring it has what it needs to deliver on its mission. As a small organisation we are also the direct employer of our two staff.

For us the mission is empowering people with Multiple Sclerosis and allied diseases and their families by providing them with professional support, education, information and skills to participate actively in the community in ways that are meaningful to them.

A few of the things we’re considering right now are:

  • We are an Incorporated Society with charitable status – legislative changes affecting both those statuses are coming soon and we need to be ready and able to meet any new requirements.
  • We are an employer and have health and safety obligations – how do we ensure everyone is safe at work and continue to meet our obligations?
  • An increasingly competitive funding environment means we need to show the difference we make to the lives of people with MS and their whānau clearly and adapt to their needs – how do we connect with our clients and membership and how do we show we make a difference?
  • Continuing advancements in the management of MS mean the needs of people with MS are changing – how do we keep abreast of this and have what they need in place to help?
  • The population of Otago is changing – how do we meet the needs of the whole diversity of people and whānau affected by MS?

The Committee meets monthly for a couple of hours and there’s some prep and follow up to do. 

Members of the Society can stand for election to the committee but we also have the power to co-opt those with the right skills to help us deliver. If you have a talent and the passion to help please email MS Otago President Glenys Forsyth at and let her know what you’d bring to the job.